2.5 Years - 4 Years

Weekly Themes

Space: Your child will want to be an astronaut after building and decorating their own spaceship and getting to launch it through space with Dramatic Play.

Camping: The classroom is turned into a campground complete with tents and sleeping bags (but no bears!). With Dramatic Play the kids will learn the basics of camping through sensory activities using Lincoln Logs, grass clippings, and other useful items found in Nature.

Ocean: An outside ocean adventure with Water Tables for sensory play. Your child will learn all about their favorite ocean creatures with a fun underwater coloring craft.

These are just a few examples we have planned as part of our curriculum to keep you child engaged in learning.

Reading and Literacy:

We facilitate a culture for a love of reading. Story time is a beloved part of the day in each classroom in which the children are introduced to age appropriate lessons to further their curiosity and education of the theme of the week.  

Arts and Crafts:

Imaginative and Creative thinking. Children don’t just color a page; they create their own piece of art in their vision. We encourage each child to express their creativity and individuality through different art mediums. Your child will learn a new color every week which will be incorporated into our artistic activities. 

Science & Math:

Hands on learning is the focus as your child will create their own slime and playdough from scratch using basic household ingredients.  They will come home talking about volcanos and geology after they get to experience the world around them firsthand. New shapes, patterns, and numbers are introduced throughout the curriculum for a well-rounded educational experience.

Physical Development:

Active movement is a large focus each day. We encourage each child to get up and moving with stretches, song and dance, and outside play time throughout each day. They will love learning to march to a beat together in formation while they develop their special awareness.

Musical Activities:

Your child will come home singing new songs throughout the year. Watch as their memory and recall is strengthened. Our songs and dance aid fine and gross motor skills, foster self-esteem, and build self-confidence. Each day incorporates praise and worship to connect your child’s learning to their faith.