4 Years Old - Pre-K

Social and emotional learning

Problem solving through experiences is an important part of social development. Through observation, suggestions, and role play, your child will learn the words and skills they need to work through conflict with others in a supportive and positive atmosphere. 

Feelings and manners

The first few weeks of your child’s learning adventure in this classroom will focus on school rules and feelings. Your child will be encouraged to use our Feelings Board with pictures of emotions to help them express what they are feeling at given times. This allows for discussion about how to process those feelings and understand what they mean. Manners will also be reinforced and modeled to demonstrate appropriate behavior.

Arts and Crafts

Your child will experience a sense of pride when they hang their various art projects on our Display Board for all to see and admire. Each student will have the opportunity to use a variety of art supplies to aid in the development of fine motor skills. You can see their progress and works of art when you come for pickup and drop-off. 

Kindergarten Preparation

The entire year will focus on preparing your child for Kindergarten with an emphasis on letters and numbers. The beginning half of the year will teach your child all the lower case letters, to be followed by upper case letters in the second half. You will be amazed by your child’s growth in letter and number recognition along with knowing their days of the week


We invite parents into our classroom halfway through the year and see what your child has been up to. Of course, frequent Parent/Teacher communication is always encouraged and parents are welcome to schedule time to discuss their child at any point.

Hands on learning 

We incorporate important science, math, and music lessons with learning through play.

Special Weekly Themes and Days

Every Friday is Praise Day in which Teachers and helpers play guitar and lead the students in song and dance. It is a fun day for all and a great way to kick off the weekend.

Your child will love our weekly themes (Ocean, Space, Nutrition, etc.). Themed weeks will have arts & crafts, books, and lessons that pertain to the weekly topic.

Classroom Atmosphere

  • A love of reading is a huge emphasis in this classroom. Each half day your child will read at least two books (4-5 for a full day) and will love reading them in our cozy corner for quiet reading time.

  • But it certainly isn’t always quiet time. Your kid will get at least a half hour of physical activity every day (outdoors, weather permitting). This gives them the chance to get all those wiggles out and come back read to focus on learning.

  • Most students’ favorite part of the day is Centers.  The classroom is broken up into different activities that your child can explore and learn with their classmates.  These centers include, building activities, patterned play, trains, housekeeping and make believe, and an art table.