10 Ways To Wind Down


with positivity and love instead of frustrations and TV?



With the new school year started, chances are your sliding back into old rythyms of bedtimes, family times and relaxing times. But changes in schedule also a great time to re-evaluate our schedules and try something new instead! Here's a couple new activities to consider as you wind down your back to school days:

Getting out for a walk after dinner

Getting your preschooler outside in the fresh air and some light excise is a great way to relax at the end of the day. It's great family time, creates health space for conversations about their day, as well as some exercise!

Work on a puzzle

Your child not only needs to be physically tired, but mentally too! A puzzle is a great challenge to a preschoolers mind: Focusing on fine motor skills as well as sythizing the world around them into something they can recognize and create. Shutterfly occasionally has free puzzles you can upload your favorite pictures or just use a puzzle your preschoolers have at home already.

Pray and talk about your blessings

Gratitude is the one the most fundamental pieces of a balanced life. Praying for others and thanking God for the good things that happened that day creates a habit of being grateful for everything children experience in the day. We can talk about our worries and concerns too. This is a great way to sit and really talk to your kids about their day and a way to teach your child about talking to God and bringing God unto your routine.

Listen to an audio book or calming music.

With devices like Alexa and Google Home, story time has never been easier! Nothing like sitting around the old radio box like grandpa and grandma used to due. Look up the cues for your smart speaker to read a story that is age appropriate for your preschool child. Additionally, programs like Adventures in Odyssey are a fun and different way to incorporate adventures and God’s love into their minds before falling asleep.

A Warm bath with Epsom salts

Bath time is both physically relaxing, but also removes stimulation from their day and electronics before bed. Your preschooler may not need their hair washed but letting them soak and play until they are nice and pruning is a good way to help them relax before bed. This can sometimes help with growing pains that younger children get from time to time.

Play dough

Buy it or make it, choose a place preferably not on the carpet and let you child create new shapes and let their imaginations tire them out. This is a great quiet activity that helps with fine motor skills, developmental play and creativity.

Will Kallhoff